What Subperiosteal Dental Implants Can Do for You
Date: August 26, 2011 Richard Jones

Subperiosteal dental implants are used in cases when a patient’s jaw bone mass is not sufficient to provide support for traditional dental implants. Subperiosteal implants provide great benefits to denture-wearers who experience problems with how their dentures fit, and who do not have significant jaw bone mass for traditional dental implants to be placed successfully.

Subperiosteal dental implants are placed on top of the jaw bone (and are not embedded into the jaw bone itself), but lie below the surface of the gum tissue. As these implants do not need to be embedded directly into the jaw bone, even patients who experience jaw bone deterioration can still enjoy the benefits of the dental implants. A subperiosteal dental implant can provide relief for sore spots on the gums caused by wearing dentures, and help a patient chew and eat properly without feeling discomfort.

Denture-wearers can enjoy a better quality of life with subperiosteal dental implants. Without the discomfort brought about by ill-fitting dentures, one can lead a life full of smiles that are genuinely bright and happy – all thanks to the magic of subperiosteal implants.

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