What Causes Sensitive Teeth?
Date: February 10, 2012 Richard Jones

Have you ever experienced feeling a sharp pain on your teeth when you drink or eat something extremely hot, or something extremely cold? When you feel the sharp pain after drinking or eating something that is very hot or very cold, you may be suffering from sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is a condition that is possibly a mild dental problem, but one that should be checked by your dentist nonetheless to ensure that it does not progress into a more serious or complicated dental concern.

Although tooth sensitivity is not a major dental problem, it still needs to be given the proper attention because this dental concern can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Knowing more about what causes a tooth sensitivity problem can also help you in protecting yourself from this dental concern – so you can enjoy all types of food and beverages without feeling that sharp stab of pain.

Teeth Sensitivity Causes

Gum Recession – Gum recession can cause the sensitive tooth roots to be exposed, which can lead to sensitive teeth problems.

Exposed Dentine – The tooth’s dentine can be exposed when the protective tooth enamel is worn down by the consumption of acidic drinks and food items; the dentine can also be exposed to a tooth brushing technique that is very hard or uses too much pressure. When the dentine is exposed, the affected tooth becomes very sensitive to extreme temperature, causing tooth sensitivity problems.

Broken or Chipped Tooth – A broken or chipped tooth can cause the sensitive tooth root to be exposed; when the tooth root is exposed, exposure to hot or cold temperatures can cause the tooth to feel a stabbing pain – brought on by a problem with teeth sensitivity.

Teeth Grinding – The enamel of the teeth can be eroded or worn out when the affected teeth are constantly being ground together. Eroded or worn enamel can cause the sensitive dentine part of the teeth to become exposed, leaving you with a sensitive teeth problem.

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Have you tried anything to relieve the symptoms of teeth sensitivity? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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