What are the Common Causes for Dental Anxiety?
Date: March 15, 2012 Richard Jones

Have you experienced feeling suddenly and intensely nervous with the idea of going to the dentist? Does thought of having a dental treatment or procedure done leave you apprehensive enough to try to avoid the dental appointment altogether? If you have answered yes to the questions posted above, then you may be suffering from a form of dental anxiety, or dental phobia.

Dental anxiety is a problem that affects countless people from all over the world. The dental anxiety can range from a feeling of mild nervousness or apprehension, to a full-blown fear that causes a person to become physically incapable of even going to the dentist’s clinic for the necessary dental treatment or procedure. Problems with severe dental anxiety can prevent one from getting much needed dental health care, which in turn can affect the overall health of an individual in the long run.

Learning about the factors that can lead to the development of dental anxiety can help you in determining the specific reasons why you feel nervous or afraid with the idea of going for a dental treatment – and the information is also valuable in helping you deal with the dental anxiety concern in a more productive manner.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

The Fear of Experiencing Pain – The idea of exposing oneself to a painful situation can easily lead to the development of dental anxiety. The fear of pain may come from past experiences when one has felt pain or discomfort with a dental treatment, making it easy to assume that any future treatments or procedures will also result in pain. Hearing of other’s painful experiences with dental treatments can also make a person nervous with going through the same situation.

Previous (Bad) Experiences – No one wants to repeat a bad experience, and this is the reason why even a single previously bad experience with a dental treatment can lead to a person developing dental anxiety or dental phobia. The bad experience can be something that stays in the mind of a person, and can make that individual do whatever it takes to avoid going through a similar experience for a second time.

Embarrassment – Being embarrassed about the state of one’s dental health can lead to feelings of dental anxiety; this is especially true when proper dental health care has not been practised, and a person knows that the dentist will be able to see the neglect upon close examination of the teeth (and the whole oral cavity).

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? What makes you nervous or anxious about going to the dentist? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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