The Wonders of Blade Implants
Date: July 22, 2011 Richard Jones

Dental implants solve the problem of missing teeth; however, there are cases when the placement of traditional dental implants may pose a great challenge due to the thin area of jaw bone where the implants need to be positioned. In such cases, blade implants provide great alternative solutions for missing teeth.

Blade implants are thin, flat implants made from titanium; these implants can fit in thin jaw bone ridges, which may provide enough support for the width of traditional dental implants. Blade dental implants are also flexible, so they can be shaped according to the patient’s specific needs. These types of implants have one or two prongs that will protrude from the gum line, providing an anchor where dental bridges or dentures can securely be attached.

Blade implants provide great support for dentures and dental bridges, and enable a patient who has thin jaw ridges to still enjoy all the benefits of having dental implants. It is amazing how these thin pieces of titanium can do wonders in improving a person’s quality of life – and they can contribute to brighter and more frequent smiles in the long run.

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