The Importance of Smile Design in Cosmetic Dentistry
Date: June 28, 2012 Richard Jones

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are done to address the need to improve a person’s overall smile appearance, to bring about results that will give an individual the smile that he or she has long wanted to have. Perfectly straight and white teeth are the end-results that come into mind when cosmetic dentistry is mentioned; however, these are not the only aspects that need to be considered when formulating a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. A smile design will be beneficial in making sure that all the necessary factors are considered, for the cosmetic dentistry treatment to provide optimum results.

What exactly is a smile design and what is it used for?

A smile design is used in cosmetic dentistry as part of the overall treatment plan formulation, to make sure that all of the patient’s cosmetic dentistry concerns are addressed in the most effective manner. The smile design planning involves both the dentist and the patient from the initial consultation onwards, with open communication being a key factor in coming up with a treatment plan that will help achieve the goals set by both the dentist and the patient. The patient will be encouraged to talk about what he or she wants to achieve with the cosmetic dentistry treatment, so that goal can be taken into consideration by the dentist during the entire duration of the treatment.

The smile design will allow a patient to have a clear vision of what the end-result of a cosmetic dentistry treatment – this is especially helpful for individuals who may be hesitant in going through with a specific treatment, because he or she is not sure of what the final outcome will look like.

What is considered in formulating a Smile Design?

Aside from the appearance of the teeth, the smile design will also take these factors into consideration to achieve the goal that has been set by both the patient and the dentist:

  • the shape of the jaw
  • the shape of the face
  • the position of the eyes
  • the width of the mouth.

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