The Importance of Early Detection: Mouth Cancer Action Month 2012
Date: November 19, 2012 Richard Jones

Every November, the British Dental Health Foundation organises the annual Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign to promote increased awareness about mouth cancer, and the extreme importance of early detection with regards to this concern.  From the 1st to the 30th of November, everyone is encouraged to get more information about mouth or oral cancer; MCAM (Mouth Cancer Action Month) packs are being given away through the British Dental Health Foundation website to those who will register their interest.

Studies and statistics show that in this year alone, over 6,000 people will be diagnosed with mouth cancer; without early detection and intervention, half of that number will die. Around the world, more than 460,000 people are expected to die by the year 2030 – numbers and estimates that can become reality if awareness and early detection are not practised or followed. The importance of early detection is clearly stated in the MCAM’s message – “If In Doubt, Get Checked Out”.

The early detection of mouth cancer can transform the 50% survival rate into a jaw-dropping increase of 90%. Educating as many people as possible about the risk factors, as well as the early warning signs, the fight against mouth cancer can be won in the long run.

The aim of the British Dental Health Foundation during the Mouth Cancer Action Month of raising education and awareness about the killer disease is to help thousands of people with a wide range of activities and services. Confidential and free advice is being offered through email or phone, through the National Dental Helpline. Health and dental professionals, as well as the general public, will be given high-quality and up-to-date educational materials, while hundreds of retail products in stores and supermarkets around the world bear the approved MCAM logo to increase awareness not only about mouth cancer – but also about improving oral health as well.

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