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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Crowded Teeth
Date: October 31, 2012 Richard Jones

Teeth that are improperly aligned or crowded too tightly together can result to a host of dental problems – both in the way the teeth function, and how they look like especially when a person smiles. Crowded teeth can grow out in irregular angles because the jaw may not have enough space for the teeth […]

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A More Comfortable Teeth Straightening Experience with ComfortBrace
Date: September 1, 2011 Richard Jones

Orthodontic braces effectively deal teeth straightening needs, and can help a patient achieve desired results of perfectly aligned teeth. However, there are often complaints regarding the discomfort of wearing dental braces, especially with the friction that results when the metal parts come into contact with the inner lining of the mouth. ComfortBrace may just have […]

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Avoid Problems after Using Dental Braces with Retainers
Date: July 28, 2011 Richard Jones

Those who have finished with the period of using dental braces may think that there is absolutely no need to wear retainers afterwards; there are even those who think that retainers are not only unnecessary, but are bothersome as well. On the contrary, the use of retainers is very important, and may spell the difference […]

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Improving Your Smile with a Smile Makeover
Date: July 7, 2011 Richard Jones

There are ways to improve the appearance of your smile. A smile makeover consists of a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures, which are all designed to give you the result you want and deserve – a smile that you can be truly, and completely, proud of. A smile makeover can address a number of dental […]

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Straighten Crooked Teeth with Dental Braces
Date: March 8, 2011 Richard Jones

A bright flash of smile can be made even more beautiful when teeth are straight, which certainly looks very pleasing to the eyes. Dental braces can do wonders in improving the teeth’s form and function – for those who are not endowed with the gift of having naturally-straight, even-spaced teeth. Also known as orthodontic braces, […]

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