Mouth Sores Resulting from Loose Denture Problems
Date: October 31, 2012 Richard Jones

Problems from loose dentures can cause not only a great deal of embarrassment, but a significant amount of discomfort as well. When dentures become ill-fitting and lose their tight fit on the gums, they will start to move uncontrollably inside the mouth – sometimes in situations when even the slightest mouth movement results to the dentures falling out of the mouth completely.

The friction caused by frequent rubbing of the loose dentures against the gums, and the sensitive inner lining of the mouth, can cause mouth sores or mouth ulcers to develop. These mouth ulcers can form on different parts of the oral cavity (depending on where the loose dentures rub the most, and in increasing frequency) such as the gums, the tongue, the inner part of the cheeks, the floor of the mouth, and the inner lip area.

Dealing with Mouth Sores Caused by Loose Dentures

The practise and maintenance of good oral hygiene will go a long way in the prevention or cure of mouth sores. Aside from proper tooth brushing, regular visits to the dentist will also ensure that oral health is properly maintained. The dentist may also prescribe topical medications to hasten the healing of the mouth sores, and also to help with the pain and discomfort.

However, the long-term solution for mouth sores caused by loose dentures can be provided by dental implants. The mini dental implants can be used to support the ill-fitting dentures, so that the dental restorations are secured firmly in place. Implant-supported dentures eliminate the problem of uncontrollable denture movement, since the implants are securely embedded into the jaw bone (with the dentures attached to these implants). When dentures are supported by dental implants, problems of embarrassment and discomfort (which can cause the development of mouth sores) can be avoided, or eliminated.

Do you have mouth sores from loose dentures use? Are you interested in having your ill-fitting dentures secured with dental implants? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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