Sex Doll Makers and a Highly Realistic Dental Training Robot
Date: November 6, 2012 Richard Jones

Studying and training to become a dentist involves actually doing the dental treatments. Most of the time, however, dental students will only be able to do the treatments on a mock model of a person – which is far different from the experience of treating a real person who can exhibit various reactions, movements and even sounds. The next best thing for dentistry patients would be to use a highly realistic dental training robot.

Japan’s Showa University has announced the production of Showa Hanako 2, a rubber dental patient that is designed to be more realistic, compared to its predecessor Showa Hanako 1. This realistic dental training robot showcases features made by Orient Industry – the makers of the “Love Doll”; these features include silicone skin and mouth lining, two degrees of movement freedom for the tongue and arms, and 10 natural body movements. The human-like features of this robot enable students to experience how it is to treat an actual human patient, making these students even more aware of the need to give the best dental treatment possible (and making their training that much more effective).

Watch the video below to see how much the Showa Hanako 2 resembles an actual human being in its appearance and movements:

Technological advances make it possible for the dental industry to grow by leaps and bounds. An ultra-realistic dental training robot will enable a dentistry student to discover how it will be to treat an actual human patient in the future, and will hopefully contribute to better-trained dentistry professionals in the long run.

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