How to Take Care of Dental Fillings
Date: January 28, 2013 Richard Jones

Dental fillings are used to restore the function of a tooth that has been decayed or damaged; there are also times when the tooth fillings are used to improve the appearance of the affected tooth, especially when white or natural coloured tooth fillings are used.

After the dental filling treatment is completed, it is easy to just forget about the filling; however, it is important to know how to take care of these restorations so that you can get the most out of them for a longer period of time. Taking care of the dental filling as part of dental health care will prevent potentially uncomfortable episodes in the long run, and can preserve overall good oral health.

Dental Filling Care

  • After the anaesthetic (used in the dental filling treatment) has worn off, you will need to bite down to determine if pain is experienced. If pain is present with every bite after the anaesthetic has worn off, you will need to inform your dentist as adjustments may need to be made to the way the filling is placed so that your bite is made more comfortable and normal-feeling.
  • Regular and proper tooth brushing is important to make sure that the area around the dental filling continues to be free from dental problems – so that the dental filling itself can last a longer period of time. The use of dental floss will also help in the maintenance of good oral health.
  • Tooth sensitivity is common on a tooth that has just been treated with a dental filling; whenever possible, avoid the things that trigger sensitive teeth, such as sweet food items, or very hot and very cold food/beverages.
  • If sensitive tooth problems persist for a few weeks after the dental filling procedure, inform your dentist right away as the affected tooth may need to be examined once again. Your dentist may also suggest that you use a specially formulated toothpaste for sensitive teeth to help ease the discomfort.

Do you have dental fillings? Do you think you are taking care of your fillings the proper way? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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