Goodbye Several Missing Teeth; Hello Dental Implants!
Date: January 28, 2013 Richard Jones

The loss of several teeth can have a huge impact not only on your smile, but on your whole life as well. The simple act of smiling naturally can become challenging to do because of the embarrassment from the fact that you will show the whole world a smile that looks unhealthy and incomplete with a noticeable gap. Several missing teeth can also cause the youthful contours of your face to take on a hollowed-out and older appearance, since the tooth loss also removes the structure that supports the facial contours. The feeling of being embarrassed every time you need to smile can take a toll on your confidence and sense of well-being in the long run.

Eating your favourite food items, chewing, and biting can become extremely difficult with several missing teeth – especially if the missing teeth are located in an area of your mouth used for biting and/or chewing. Your gums in the area where the missing teeth are located may be subjected to additional pressure, since the gums will inevitably be used to replace the teeth to chew or bite on food items. In time, the gums will suffer may develop more serious dental problems.

Dental implants provide long-lasting and reliable solutions to several missing teeth problems. The dental implants replace both the form and the function of lost teeth, and are securely attached to the jaw bone so that the dental restorations (in the form of dental crowns or dental bridges) will stay in place and not move around inside the mouth – unlike dentures that can cause embarrassment and discomfort when they start losing their comfortable fit inside the mouth. Dental implants replacing several missing teeth will bring back the ability to enjoy eating and chewing on your favourite food items, as well as the confidence of being able to flash natural looking and beautiful smiles.


Do you have several missing teeth? Are you interested in having dental implants to replace your missing teeeth Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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