Get to Know the Parts of a Dental Implant
Date: November 19, 2012 Richard Jones

Dental implants provide long-lasting solutions to missing teeth problems, and they can also do wonders in restoring the attractiveness of one’s smile. These implants are embedded into the jaw bone, and then attached to the corresponding teeth restoration – replacing both the form and the function of lost natural teeth. Knowing about the parts that make up a dental implant can help in the greater appreciation of what makes these small wonders work as ideal missing teeth solutions.

Dental Implant Parts

Dental Implant (body) – This is the part that provides the secure anchor where the tooth restoration will be attached to. The dental implant body is the part that gets embedded directly into the jaw bone, and can be threaded or non-threaded. Implants that are commercially available are usually made from pure titanium, titanium alloys, and may or may not have a Hydroxyapatite coating.

Abutment – The abutment is screwed to the dental implant body after it is embedded into the jaw bone; this part looks like a prepared tooth, and is placed in between the implant body and the tooth restoration (dental crown or a dental bridge).

Healing Screw and Cap – The healing screw is used and attached during the period when the implant integrates with the soft tissue surrounding it, more commonly known as the healing phase. The screw will also prevent the tissue from growing over the edge of the implant. A healing cap, on the other hand, are shaped like a dome, and attached over the healing screws so that they will project through the soft tissue upwards into the oral cavity. The healing cap can also be used as a guide in attaching the permanent tooth restoration to the implant.

Crown/Tooth Restoration – This is the part which is visible inside the mouth, the dental implant system’s topmost part. The teeth restorations (dental crowns or dental bridge) replace the form and function of missing teeth, and improve the aesthetics of the smile after natural teeth have gone missing.

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