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February 9, 2012 at 4:12 pm #12763
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I have had an badly aching jaw for several months now. When I went to the doctor about it who refered me to my dentist who then diagnosed as grinding my teeth and given a splint. I’ve worn this every night  and although it helped get rid of the aching in the left side of my jaw, the right side of my jaw is still extremely painful, and I have had the splint how for six months. I sometimes find it almost painful to wear the splint  at night as my teeth on the right side also feel very tender/sensitive. My jaw aches every day and is worse at night and the only thing that stops is aching are heated wheat bags and pain killers, but these only bring temporary relief of a few hours and then the pain starts again, sometimes it is difficult to focus on anything else. When I last visited my dentist a month or so ago, they asked about how the splint was working and I explained about the pain and they suggested giving the split another few months but this hasn’t helped me. The dentist also told me that I had some minute holes in my teeth but these were too tiny to do anything about and because I have sensitive teeth I wasn’t sure if this was in any part due to the aching. I’m at a loss about what to do about my jaw, as the dentist’s advice seemed to be just wait for a longer time to see if it improves but that doesn’t help me with the pain. Any help or suggestions about what I could do would be very gratefully received

thank you

February 9, 2012 at 4:36 pm #12786
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Dr Stuart Orton-Jones

As I do not know what type of appliance you are wearing I am unable to advise you

When in doubt keep wearing the appliance

Best of luck

Dr Stuart Orton-Jones
B.D.S. L.D.S. R.C.S.
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