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July 14, 2012 at 6:51 am #14616
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Good morning, I desperately require some advice as I am in a dreadful situation and don’t know how to proceed. In October last year I had a new crown fitted to my upper left 2, a crown that I was not happy with in appearance. I went back to the dentist he first of all had to alter the bite which he failed to check when fitting the crown and he also agreed to change the crown. I was concerned about how this would affect my tooth but was reassured it would be fine. In December 2011 I had my new crown fitted following a trip to the dental lab so they could see the problem. The new crown looked great but felt very thin, I began to feel hot & cold through the crown and it generally didn\’t feel right. I returned to the dentist 2 weeks later & continued to return until mid february when I was told I would require root canal on the tooth. This was performed a week later but I returned to the dentist 2 weeks later still in pain. Throughout this saga the crown on my upper right 2 had chipped and was causing me pain so the dentist set to work replacing this crown (a huge mistake in hindsight as the upper left 2 problem was still unresolved). By mid April the dentist re rooted my root canal on my upper left 2 but had to ask his colleague to finish the job as he could not get past a certain point, this was due to him not being in the right place in my canal. The new dentist has taken over my root canal treatment, he did\’t fill my root canal as he wanted to check the infection had cleared. I returned at the start of may to be checked, he believed the infection had cleared & we could proceed to filling the canal. My appt for this procedure is in the first week of June, since seeing him I have been in terrible pain & fear my canal has become reinfected. The crown still doesn\’t feel comfortable but the new dentist has told me not to have it removed it as it will rip off my tooth below & I will require a post crown or worse still an implant. I am terrified and becoming very depressed with the pain & the discomfort of the crown. I would like the crown to be removed & replaced as this whole issue began with the crown being fitted. Meanwhile the new crown arrived for my upper right 2 which did not fit properly it was too long and sat at an angle. Again I had to visit the lab to show them. This crown was very thick and had been over contoured on the front. I have had this crown temporarily fitted whilst a new one is made. I have since discovered my upper left 2 was fitted with a new cement, which could have aggravated my tooth and will not be used on my upper right 2. I have seeked a second opinion to which I was told everything looked fine. I am desperate i have no idea how to proceed, i am sturggling to eat and am in tears most nights from the pain and generally the situation that has dragged on for over 6 months. I obviously need my root canal to be filled. My ideal situation would be to have new crowns made and fitted together on both upper 2 teeth but I am afraid about the condition of my upper left 2. I have paid £250 for my crowns, I had my previous crowns made with the nhs & they were perfect I had no issues.I am 27 and this is affecting my life I can barely, struggle to talk sometimes & am in constant pain and awareness of my upper left 2 crown. Please help!!!

July 14, 2012 at 6:54 am #14617
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Dr Azhar Sheikh

This is obviously a very complex issue which is causing you great distress. The important thing to do is to make the dentist aware of your concerns and ask them for an explanation of what shas happened and what is to happen in the future. You also need to get your pain attended to. Hopefully matters can be explained to your satisfaction and you can progss with your treatment to completion.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Azhar Sheikh
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