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February 10, 2012 at 11:53 am #13137
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After having pain following the 2nd part of root canal

treatment, on my upper left 1st molar, my dentist informed me there was

an infection around the tooth.  He told me he could give me some

antibiotics and try to finish the root canal or extract the tooth.  I

was already taking some antibiotics (Cefalexin) prescribed from my

Doctor for something else. I decided to have the tooth extracted last

Friday (09/09/11).  According to my dentist, the infection came out with

the tooth, I continued with my cefalexin. During the weekend the gum

tissue around the extraction area became increasingly sore and tender

and my gum felt a little swollen close to the cheek, although I did not

notice anything unusual when I looked in the mirror, the gum tissue

around the extraction area continued to sting when any liquids or even

if my tongue slightly touched the area.  I followed the correct

aftercare advice.  I did not start the salt water mouth wash until 24

hours later. Today I went back to my dentist who seems to think it may

be an infection in the gum, but not in the socket.  He injected my gum

with anaesthetic, which was very painful, as it was already sore. He

removed some sort of \”debris\” from the socket, used a corsodyl filled

syringe to wash/clean, then packed it with some clove dressing.  He told

me to stop taking my cefalexin and he prescribed 500mg Amoxicillin 3 x

daily for 5 days (as I am allergic to metronidazole) about half hour

after my dental visit I am feeling a strange itchy/burning sensation

around all of my gums, is this usual?  Is it usual to have sore stinging

sensation on the gum tissue around the socket?  Is there anything you

could suggest to try to reduce this? Also, is it really possible that

the gum tissue and gum soreness is an infection? Last but not least, how

long untill it heals and I am able to eat properly?  I am going on

holiday in 2 weeks and feeling very worried.


February 10, 2012 at 12:57 pm #13195
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Dr Mukesh Soni

I am very sorry with your predicament
Sometimes a septic socket can arise after an extraction The pain will subside. Carry on with hot salt mouth washes every 2 hours and ibuprofen is the best pain killer

Dr Mukesh Soni
BDS Manc
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