Detecting Early Signs of Dental Erosion
Date: July 30, 2012 Richard Jones

Teeth are protected by an outer coating known as the tooth enamel; this exterior layer is responsible for making sure that the inner (and more sensitive) parts of the teeth are kept protected and safe from damage. A serious dentistry problem starts when the tooth’s enamel starts to break down, usually due to the formation of some sort of acid on the surface of the teeth. This dental problem is known as dental erosion – and can also be aggravated by poor dental hygiene practices.

Dental erosion leads to the permanent loss of the tooth’s protective coating. The permanent nature of the loss of tooth enamel is the reason why detecting the earliest signs of tooth enamel erosion is the key in preventing more severe dental erosion effects – such as tooth loss.

Some of the earliest signs of dental erosion include the following:

Discolouration – One of the telltale signs of dental erosion in its earliest stages is discolouration – teeth that used to be healthy white in shade will slowly turn dull or yellowish. The changes in colour will be more pronounced as more of the dentin (the inner part of the teeth) is exposed.

Rounded Appearance – Teeth that are slowly experiencing dental erosion will take on a rounded appearance, as the corners or edges become eroded by acids.

Transparent Teeth – Teeth that are experiencing the early stages of dental erosion may take on a transparent appearance; some describe this appearance as “sandblasted”. This transparent look is most commonly seen on the tips of front teeth that are slowly being worn down or eroded.

Tooth SensitivityTeeth become more sensitive with progressing dental erosion, since the enamel that is supposed to protect the sensitive inner part (dentin) becomes worn down or eroded. The exposed dentin makes the teeth more sensitive to temperature changes.

Do you suffer from dental erosion? Do you think you have some of the early signs of dental erosion problems? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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