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Dental X Rays

dental X-rayDental x rays provide a clear image of a patient’s teeth, the surrounding soft tissue and bones; a dental x ray makes it possible for dentists to check for any dental problems that can start, or have already started – which enables the early diagnosis and treatment of any dental concerns. Dental x rays can also show cavities, bone loss, and hidden dental concerns such as wisdom teeth.

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Discoveries through Dental X Rays

There are a number of dental concerns and problems that are not visible through a routine dental checkup, but can be seen clearly with a dental x ray.

  • Tooth decay that is developing underneath an existing tooth filling. This dental concern may not be readily seen through a routine dental checkup, but can be seen clearly through a dental x ray.
  • Problems in the root canal can be seen through dental x rays; the x rays can show if the nerve has been infected, or of the nerve is already dead. Proper dental treatment of the affected nerve can then be done by the dentist.
  • Tooth decay that occur in very small places in between teeth can be seen through dental x rays; these tooth decay occurrences are very hard to see with a dental checkup – even by a highly-skilled dentist. The tooth decay can then be treated or prevented from worsening, depending on its severity.
  • Damages or cracks in an existing filling can be seen with the use of a dental x ray, and can then be treated by the dentist before further damage happens.
  • The possibility of bone loss resulting from periodontal or gum disease can also be shown clearly on a dental x ray; this enables the dentist to do the necessary treatments to address or halt the bone loss.
  • Preparation and placement of dental implants, dentures, orthodontic devices and other dental work is made easier with the help of dental x rays. The x rays give a clearer view of the teeth and oral cavity, which can result to more precise treatments and dental work.
  • Dental x rays in children help the dentist in monitoring the progress of their teeth development, as well as give alerts on tooth decay occurrences.


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