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Whitening the Teeth

Whitening the teeth can vastly improve a person’s smile, and can do wonders in boosting that person’s self confidence. Severely stained or discolored teeth are not nice to look at, which is the reason why teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental/cosmetic dentistry procedures in the world – after all, no one wants a dark brown or a black smile!

This is Dentistry aims to provide you with the details you need to have about professional whitening of the teeth, so you can arm yourself with the knowledge even before you undergo any teeth whitening procedure. Your search for professional whitening experts can start by going through the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, which gives you access to the contact information of dentists in your local area – enabling you to get a tooth whitening consultation at your own convenience.

Conditions that Need Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is done to address teeth discoloration or staining. Most people want to have the whitest smile they can possibly have; however, not everyone is blessed with perfectly white teeth (or can maintain perfectly white teeth forever). These are the conditions that tooth whitening treatments can address:

  • Tobacco stains, which are developed with constant cigarette smoking and use of tobacco products. Teeth whitening can improve the appearance of tobacco-stained teeth, and can even prevent tooth decay from developing.
  • Stained teeth due to constant and excessive consumption of darkly colored/staining beverages, such as coffee, red wine, tea and cola. These drinks have the tendency to darkly stain the teeth, which can lead to unsightly stains that need to be addressed with a tooth whitening procedure.
  • Early signs of tooth decay may include slight stains and discolorations, which can be addressed with a tooth whitening procedure and proper dental health practices.
  • Fluoride staining can occur when the teeth are exposed to too much fluoride, especially when the teeth are still on the development stages as a child. Teeth whitening can be effective with fluoride stains, although the effectiveness will largely depend on the severity of the stains.
  • Tetracycline stains can come from exposure to antibiotics with tetracycline; the stains can develop in a baby who is still in his mother’s womb as the mother takes tetracycline antibiotics, and can also develop in children eight years old and below who take these antibiotics. Tooth whitening procedures can improve the appearance of teeth stained by tetracycline.


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