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White Fillings

White fillings are dental restorations that provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance compared to silver amalgam fillings. More and more people prefer to have dental white fillings instead of the usual or more traditional silver amalgam fillings not only because of aesthetic reasons, but also because of the strength that modern white fillings can lend to the natural tooth.

This is Dentistry will give you the information you need about white fillings, so you can make the best choice on what dental white fillings will work best for your specific concerns. You can start your search for a teeth white fillings expert by looking at the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, which provides you with the contact information of dentists in your local area – so you can schedule a consultation about dental white filings without having to go too far for it.

Advantages of Dental White Fillings over Silver Amalgam Fillings

  • Teeth white fillings are more appealing to the eyes, since these white fillings are made of composite materials that can closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth.
    A lot of people are not too keen on having silver amalgam fillings because of how “obvious” they appear on the teeth surfaces; with dental white fillings, other people may have a hard time telling if there are teeth fillings present or not.
  • Dental white fillings do not contain mercury, which is believed to be potentially hazardous to the health. Silver amalgam fillings contain a significant level of mercury, which is the reason why more and more people avoid choosing them for fillings.
  • A tooth that has been restored with a white filling is less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures compared to a tooth that has been restored with silver amalgam filling. This results to less discomfort for the patient who has chosen dental white fillings over silver amalgam fillings.
  • As white fillings firmly bond to the tooth, dental white fillings restore most of the tooth’s original strength. Silver amalgam fillings, on the other hand, have the tendency to weaken the tooth, which may cause further dental complications or damage in the long run as the whole tooth develops more susceptibility to breakage. Going for a white filling can prove to be more economical in the long run, because of the decreased risk for tooth damage.
  • Teeth white fillings require less tooth structure to be removed, as compared with silver amalgam fillings. The size of the hole that is needed for teeth white fillings is considerably smaller than the one needed for a silver amalgam filling to be placed.


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