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TMJ Treatment

A TMJ treatment needs to be considered when a patient is experiencing severe discomfort from TMJ concerns, or is at a high risk of developing more serious dental and medical conditions because of the TMJ disorder. Treatments for TMJ will provide a much-needed relief from the pain caused by the disorder, and can stop more dental and medical complications from arising.

This is Dentistry will give you the information you need to get the TMJ treatments you need, so you can say goodbye to the pain and discomfort caused by TMJ disorders. The search for a treatment for TMJ can start by going through the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, where you can get the contact information for TMJ treatment specialists in your local area, who can give you the clarifications you need with regards to the various treatment for TMJ options.

TMJ Treatment Options

There are several TMJ treatment options a patient can choose, depending on the nature of the TMJ disorder, and upon the suggestion of the dentist.

  • Heat and Ice Therapy – A simple yet effective treatment for TMJ involves the use of either a source of heat, or ice. When the TMJ has been injured, it is best to apply an ice pack on the affected area.
  • Jaw Rest – Because TMJ disorders usually develop from too much stress on the jaw joint, rest for the jaw is highly recommended. This includes avoiding eating hard to chew food items (those that are crunchy or chewy) and chewing on gum.
  • Medications – This TMJ treatment involves controlling the inflammation of the TMJ with anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen. Muscle relaxants and pain relievers can also alleviate the discomfort that a patient experiences with TMJ disorders.
  • Stress Management – When too much teeth clenching or grinding causes TMJ disorders, stress management can be an effective treatment for TMJ. Stress management can include medications, psychological counseling and joining a stress support group.
  • Corrective Dental Therapy – This TMJ treatment aims to correct an abnormal bite, which causes the TMJ disorder. Orthodontics and adjustments to crowns of bridges can be effective treatments for TMJ.
  • Physical Therapy – Massage, light electrical stimulation, and passive opening and closing of the jaws may help in reducing muscle tension that contributes to a TMJ disorder. This TMJ treatment is also effective in increasing the strength and range of motion of the jaw joint.
  • Occlusal Therapy – This TMJ treatment is used to address the teeth clenching or teeth grinding that can cause TMJ. A custom-fit acrylic appliance that fits comfortably over the teeth needs to be worn during the nighttime to control teeth grinding/clenching; some patients may also need to wear this appliance during the daytime.
  • Surgery – This treatment for TMJ is the last resort – when all other TMJ treatments have failed to improve the TMJ disorder. Joint restructuring and ligament tightening are some of the surgical procedures that are used as a treatment for TMJ.


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