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Sports Mouth Guards

mouthguardsSports mouth guards can provide significant protection against injuries that can happen when playing sports, especially those that involve a lot of physical contact. A sports mouth guard can ensure that a person’s teeth and oral cavity is protected from blows that can result to serious dental injuries, or may even be life-threatening.

This is Dentistry will provide you with the information you need about sports mouth guards, so you are better equipped with the knowledge when it comes to choosing which mouth guard for sports to get when needed. You can also get more information from dentists in your local area through the contact details included in the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory; these dentists can give you valuable advice on how to choose a sport mouth guard, and how to properly wear one.

Types of Sports Mouth Guards

There are different types of sport mouth guards that you can choose from:

  • Stock Sport Mouth Guard – These sports mouth guards are usually the most inexpensive choices for a mouth guard for sports, and can readily be bought from sporting goods stores. However, these sports mouth guards also offer the least amount of protection, since they are not made to perfectly conform to the specific grooves and contours of an individual. Since these mouth guards cannot be adjusted, they are more likely to move around the mouth, which can be distracting for a person engaged in sports; because of the discomfort that these sports mouth guards can bring to a person, it is common for these sports mouth guards not to be worn at all.
  • Boil and Bite Sports Mouth Guard – This mouth guard for sports can also be bought readily in sporting goods stores, and are also considered to be inexpensive. However, boil and bite sports mouth guards offer significantly more protection than stock sports mouth guards. With the use of hot water, a boil and bite sports mouth guard can easily be adjusted to conform around a person’s teeth and gums. It is advisable, though, to seek the help of a dentist when adjusting a boil and bite sports mouth guard to conform to the teeth and gums, to ensure a better fit – and in turn, more protection.
  • Custom-Fit or Custom-Made Sports Mouth Guard – This type of mouth guard for sports is available through a dentist, as it is created in a dental laboratory following a patient’s dental impression. Getting custom-made sports mouth guards will involve two visits to the dentist: the first one to get a dental impression, which will then be sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication; the second visit includes the actual fitting of the sports mouth guard.


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