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Onlay Bone Grafting

Onlay bone grafting is a surgical dental procedure that involves the addition of a piece of bone (or any replacement material) to improve the width of the jaw bone ridge; the onlay bone graft procedure is often done prior to the placement of dental implants, especially in cases when the patient’s jaw bone is not substantial enough to support the dental implants.

This is Dentistry will provide you with the information you need about onlay bone grafting, so you can arm yourself with the knowledge even before you get the chance to discuss the onlay bone grafting with your dentist. You can get in touch with a dentist in your local area for more onlay bone graft concerns by searching through the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, so you can be that much closer to addressing your concerns regarding onlay bone grafting.

Advantages of Onlay Bone Grafting

Onlay bone grafting makes the placement of dental implants possible even for patients with thin or less-substantial jaw bone ridges. The dental implants would significantly improve the appearance and function of the patients’ teeth, and can help prevent the development of dental problems. An onlay bone graft can also stop the bone degeneration in a patient’s jaw area, caused by missing teeth or gum problems.

Onlay Bone Graft Procedure

The bone that will be used for the onlay bone graft can be the patient’s own, taken from the hip, jaw or lower leg; the bone can also be obtained from donors or a tissue bank. During the onlay bone grafting, the dental surgeon will fold the gums back, and place the “new” bone into the damaged areas of the jaw bone; this process will help the patient regenerate bone and the tissues surrounding the area.

What to Expect After the Onlay Bone Graft

Here are some of the things one can expect after undergoing an onlay bone graft procedure:

  • Pain – A patient may feel the pain after the anesthetic wears off; pain-reliever prescriptions are usually given by the dentist/dental surgeon to help the patient deal with the pain after onlay bone grafting.
  • Swelling – This is normal after an onlay bone graft; an ice bag (or towel filled with ice) can be applied as close as possible to the swollen area to help minimize the swelling.
  • Bleeding – Bleeding may still be present even after 24 hours has passed since the onlay bone grafting procedure. A gauze pad bitten directly over the affected area can stem the blood flow; however, if the bleeding persists and becomes uncontrollable, the patient should go to his dentist immediately.

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