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Pain Relief with Migraine Treatment

migraineA person suffering from the paralyzing symptoms of a migraine will naturally want a migraine treatment that works as quickly as possible. A migraine headache treatment can help the person to feel a lot better and free from the pain and discomfort that a migraine attack can bring; migraine treatments can also make a person feel productive once more, without the pain that even the slightest movement can bring.

This is Dentistry understands your need to find the most effective migraine treatment available, because we know how difficult it is to deal with daily activities when a migraine attack persists. This is Dentistry can also help you in exhausting all the information sources possible by giving you access to a comprehensive dentist directory, so you can get in touch with a dentist in your local area and discuss if your migraine is related to a dental condition.

Migraine Headache Treatment

Migraines treatment can be managed with the help of the following:

  1. Abortive Therapy or Pain Relief Treatments – These are medications that can be taken after the migraine has set in. These migraine treatments are found to be most effective if taken immediately after the onset of the migraine symptoms.
    • Over the counter migraine treatments – medications that can be bought even without prescription for migraine headache treatment.
    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – some of these medications are available over the counter, while some may need prescriptions.
    • Triptans – these prescription drugs relive migraine symptoms by constricting the blood vessels and by correcting the individual’s serotonin imbalance. Triptans are prescribed for individuals who suffer from severe migraines, since the drugs quickly relieve the symptoms.
    • Anti-sickness medications – may be combined with pain relievers, as these medications deal mostly with the patient’s nausea.
  2. Preventive Therapy or Preventive Treatments – These migraine treatment drugs are taken on a regular basis, to help in reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.
    • Antidepressant Treatments – Some antidepressants are known to ease the symptoms of most headaches, including migraines.
    • Cardiovascular Drug Treatments – More commonly used to manage coronary artery disease and high blood pressure, these drugs can also serve as migraines treatment because they can decrease the severity and frequency of migraines.
    • Anti-seizure Medications – Some anti-epilepsy and anti-seizure medications can also prevent the onset of migraines.
  3. Acupuncture – Acupuncture has been a proven migraine treatment option, and huge improvements in the frequency and intensity of migraines are experienced by individuals who go for acupuncture sessions.
  4. Food Exclusion – There are certain food items that can trigger migraine attacks; some of these are cheese, citrus fruits, chocolates, red wine and caffeine. Excluding these items from your diet can greatly improve your migraine headache treatment.
  5. Supplements – Fish oils, magnesium supplements and B Vitamins are found to be effective migraine headache treatment options; in addition, these supplements can have beneficial effects to the whole body.

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Cynthia Mole says:

Very interesting. Glad I stumbled across this info about acupuncture for migraine treatment. It is true that acupuncture provides miraculous healing of those awful body pains that antibiotics and medicines otherwise fail to reduce. Studies prove the effectiveness of acupuncture for migraine relief.

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