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Dental Fillings

dental fillings

Dental fillings are used to repair the minimally- damaged areas of the teeth surface with the use of a dental restorative material. The goal of the dental filling is to restore the function of the affected tooth, and in some cases to improve the appearance of a tooth that has been damaged by injuries or tooth decay.

We at This is Dentistry value the importance of having the right information, especially regarding dental fillings; when you have the information you need, you are most likely to make the right choices with regards to dental fillings, and will have less anxiety regarding dental fillings in general. This is Dentistry also gives you access to the contact information of dentists in your area, so you can get the expert advice you need on dental fillings without having to go too far to see a dentist.

Diagnosis Prior to Dental Fillings

Your dentist will perform a number of examinations to determine if you need to have dental fillings. One of the most common reasons for the need for dental fillings is tooth decay, when the tooth enamel has been damaged especially when a cavity has been formed. The cavity will need to be filled with sealed to prevent further decay from happening, and to avoid further damage to the affected tooth.

Your dentist will determine what type of dental filling is suited for your specific needs based on the following criteria:

  • Location of the tooth cavity
  • Medical history
  • Durability
  • Biting force
  • Aesthetic needs
  • Cost
  • Personal preference of the patient

The dental fillings options that your dentist may suggest include amalgam or silver (also called mercury dental fillings), direct composite bonding, inlays/onlays or gold. There is an ongoing issue on whether mercury dental fillings because of the harmful effects that mercury can have to the human body, although up to now dental experts are divided on this specific issue.

Dental Fillings Procedure

Your dentist will prepare you for the dental fillings treatment by anesthetizing the affected tooth. Tooth decay and other damaged areas will be removed from the tooth, which will afterwards be filled with adhesives and the chosen dental filling. A special bonding light will be used to harden the dental filling, so it can result to a tooth that is improved in appearance and fully functional. Your dentist will then give you some guidelines on how to take care of your dental fillings, to ensure that no further damage will happen to the affected area.


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