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Dental CT Scan

dental ct scanning

A dental CT scan is needed to ensure that the dentist has the clearest view possible of a patient’s mouth, as well as the underlying bone and tissue in the general area. An x-ray of the mouth may still be taken, but the view that an x-ray gives will not be as clear compared to the images that a dental CT scan can take. Dental CT scans are most commonly used as a preparation for dental implant treatments.

This is Dentistry will give you the information you need regarding dental CT scans because we understand your need for details before going through any procedures – even one as minimally-invasive as a CT scan for dental purposes. This is Dentistry also features a comprehensive dentist directory where you can get the contact information of dentists in your local area, so you can get the expert dental advise that you need about a dental CT scan without going too far out of our way to obtain the professional advice.

Removing bad teeth and Having a CT Scan – Embarrassing Bodies

See the result of LynnesDental  Implant Procedure Here> Embarrassing Bodies – New Teeth 4 Implants

The Difference Between an X-Ray and a Dental CT Scan

ct scans

i-cat Cone Beam CT Scanner – Click to see website

Panoral (Panoramic) dental X-ray

Panoral (Panoramic) dental X-ray

The images that a dental x-ray can produce are two-dimensional; the x-rays can show only the height of your bone as well as the location of your teeth. The images that dental x-rays produce can also have the tendency to be somewhat distorted, making it difficult for a dentist to pinpoint the exact location of teeth and other areas that need to be evaluated.

A dental CT scan image, on the other hand, can produce both two-dimensional and three-dimensional views of your teeth and jaw bone. A CT scan for dental purpose can give your dentist a crystal-clear image of the actual make-up of your jaw bone area, as well as a cross-sectional and three-dimensional image of the jaws. A dental CT scan will help your dentist in determining if you are a good candidate for a dental implant; in some cases, dental CT scans can also help dentists in treating a dental problem such as an impacted wisdom tooth.

What to Expect with Dental CT Scans

Prior to undergoing a dental CT scan, you will be asked to remove all items in and around your neck and head area that may contain metal, such as hair clips, eyeglasses, jewelry, hearing aids, removable bridges and dentures. A dental CT scan may be distorted with streaks if items with metal are not removed in the neck and head area prior to the scan.

The dental CT scan procedure involves you lying down, facing the CT scanner with your head firmly but comfortably secured by a cushion (with a Velcro strap), to prevent unnecessary head movements during the dental CT scan. You may also be given a mouthpiece so that the dental CT scan can take clear shots of your jaws apart. The bed where you are lying on will slide slowly slide through the scanner; there is usually a radiographer to explain the steps as the dental CT scan takes place.


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