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6 Month Smiles

Teeth straightening treatments have been associated with long months (or years) of enduring the discomfort and embarrassment of having a “metal mouth” – or a mouth full of obvious metal wires and brackets.

Adults who want to have their teeth straightened may feel apprehensive with the idea of having to go through a long period of time with uncomfortable metal brackets and wires stuck to their teeth, which can make a smile look awkward and unnatural.

Improperly aligned or crooked teeth makes a smile look unattractive, even if the teeth shown are as white as they can possibly be. Teeth that are crooked are also more difficult to clean, resulting in higher risks of developing dental problems like tooth decay. The need for effective teeth straightening solutions not only has an impact on cosmetic dentistry concerns, but also provides improved overall dental health.

The 6 month smiles technique for straightening teeth provides faster results in just six months of treatment time, compared to the long months or even years that are needed by a traditional dental braces treatment to be completed. This revolutionary system offers adults the teeth straightening solutions they need without the need to wait for a long period of time just to have their crooked teeth straightened.

Teeth Straightening with the 6 Month Smiles System

The 6 month smiles system is an orthodontic treatment that addresses the problems of crooked, improperly aligned, or unevenly-spaced teeth that are visible when one smiles – in an average treatment time of just six months.
This technique uses the best aspects of orthodontics to come up with a treatment that moves teeth into the desired position in a discreet and gentle manner. The result is straighter teeth achieved in a shorter period of time, instead of having to wait for months or years for the orthodontic treatment to successfully be completed.

The 6 month smiles teeth straightening system is completed in a discreet manner, and is ideal for those who wish to go about their orthodontic treatment without the presence of metal brackets and wires attached to teeth. Adults who are 15 years old and above will get the full benefits of teeth straightening without having to feel awkward or embarrassed with a mouth full of bulky and obvious orthodontic wires and brackets.

Teeth are straightened using low forces with the six month smiles technique; the low forces make it possible for the entire teeth straightening treatment to be completed in a more comfortable manner, as compared to the use of traditional dental braces. Low forces effectively move the teeth into an improved alignment in an effective manner, with very little to no discomfort; these gentler forces also pose fewer risks of damage to the teeth, the gums, and the roots of the teeth.

6 Month Smiles Benefits

Faster Teeth Straightening – Crooked, improperly aligned, or unevenly spaced teeth are straightened in an average of just six months of treatment time with the six month smiles technique. This is a shorter timeframe compared to the months or years of treatment time that traditional metal braces need to be able to achieve the desired teeth straightening results. Those who wish to have more beautiful smiles with straighter teeth can look forward to having these benefits after just six months with this revolutionary orthodontic treatment method.

Discreet Treatment – The six month smiles system uses brackets that are clear and almost invisible, along with wires that resemble the natural colour of the teeth. These aspects of the 6 month smiles technique make it possible for the entire treatment to be completed in a very discreet manner – other people may not notice that an orthodontic treatment is being carried out because of the barely visible wires and brackets, making this system ideal for those who do not want to be embarrassed by the presence of traditional metal braces.

Less Discomfort – This orthodontic treatment uses low forces to move teeth into their desired proper alignment, leading to a decreased amount degree of discomfort compared to the use of traditional dental braces. The low forces used also result to fewer risks of damage to the teeth, the gums, and the tooth roots.

More Cost Effective Orthodontic Treatment – The 6 month smiles technique is overall more cost effective compared to other teeth straightening methods, such as the use of traditional dental braces, clear or invisible teeth aligners, or dental veneers.

You can look forward to having that beautiful smile filled with straighter, more properly aligned teeth in just six months of treatment time with the 6 month smiles system. With the cutting-edge technology used in the six month smiles system, there is no need to wait for a longer period of time just to have the teeth straightening solutions you need – so you can flash confident smiles without having to worry about crooked or unevenly spaced teeth.

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