Date: December 16, 2010 Richard Jones

Attention-Grabbing Dental Ads

Dental ads or dental adverts should successfully grab the attention of potential clients, so that these clients will willingly spend the time going through what a specific dentist or dental practice has to offer. A dental ad that is not successful in at least getting the attention of future clients will not work, and these dental adverts will not be able to achieve the ultimate goal for a dental practice – much-needed exposure, which can lead to increased patient traffic and in turn, more revenue coming in.

This is Dentistry will give you the information you need about dental adverts, so you can understand the importance that having a powerful dental ad can lend to a dental practice or a specific dentist. Your search for more information about dental ads can start by going through the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, where you can get access to the contact details of dentists in your local area; by getting the dentists’ contact details, you can also review the dental ad that each dentist uses, to see which dental adverts are successful – and which dental ad seems to be lacking in attention grabbing features.

A Dental Ad that Works Wonders

A dental ad should grab the attention of potential clients or patients, but for a dental advert to be completely successful it should also have enough engaging content to entice the potential client to actually try going to this particular dental practice. Regardless of whether dental ads are placed online (online magazines, blogs, dental websites) or offline (flyers, newspaper dental ads), the dental advert should achieve the goal of providing more exposure to the dental practice by using effective marketing and advertising techniques.

Here are some of the details or tricks that successful dental ads have, which may or may not work for a dental practice – it all depends on what the dental advert aims to achieve.

  • Frame the dental advert with a distinctive or bold border, so it gets the attention of the reader especially if the dental ad is in the middle of other content/other dental ads.
  • If the dental advert is to be placed in the midst of other content/written material, it is best to leave a few inches of white space – this effectively creates a virtual spotlight for the dental ad, which can more easily grab the attention of a potential client.
  • Use large photos, images or headlines that can attract the attention of readers; it would also be great if a dental ad uses action words or a call to action, which can encourage a reader/potential client to actually do something in response to the dental advert.
  • Unusual or unique images/illustrations on dental adverts can easily catch the attention of readers, who will then be enticed to read that the dental ad is all about.
  • Discounts, special deals or free of charge offers should be highlighted, so these parts of the dental ads can easily be seen by interested potential clients.
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