Date: December 16, 2010 Richard Jones

Enjoy New Nusmile Smiles!

Nusmile dental products are some of the most widely-used dental restorative products in the field of cosmetic industry, because of the way these Nusmile dental products successfully improve the form and function of a patient’s smile. Patients who go for Nusmile crowns and Nusmile veneers are assured of getting only the best cosmetic dentistry products – resulting to an even wider smile that everyone will be proud to flash continuously.

This is Dentistry will give you the information you need about Nusmile crowns and Nusmile veneers, so you will know what to expect even before you decide on having a Nusmile dental restorative product. Your search for a Nusmile dental expert can start by browsing through the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, where you can get access to the contact information of cosmetic dentistry experts in your local area – so you can look forward to brightening your smile with Nusmile without having to go too far for the procedure.

Nusmile Veneers

Nusmile veneers are paper-thin dental veneers that are placed with a pain-free and relatively easy procedure. The patient's teeth can successfully be improved with Nusmile veneers without the need for grinding or shaving down the sensitive tooth structure, which usually causes pain and discomfort to the patient. As a patient, you can look forward to a bright Nusmile smile with these advantages:

  • No need for injections of the use of a dental drill.
  • Existing natural tooth structure is kept intact, so there is no need for the patient to feel discomfort and pain when the tooth is shaved or ground down.
  • Nusmile veneers are paper-thin and natural-looking, giving the patient a wide range of choices when it comes to the perfect white shade for the teeth.
  • Permanent teeth appearance improvement can be expected in an instant with Nusmile veneers.

Nusmile Crowns

Nusmile crowns are natural-looking tooth restoration options, and are widely used by pediatric dentists to deal with the onset of early childhood caries (or tooth decay). Nusmile crowns are effective in dealing with teeth that are damaged by tooth decay, and offer a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to stainless steel crowns.

Nusmile crowns offer these advantages over traditional dental crowns:

  • Nusmile crowns can be placed in a single dental visit, and the easy placement procedure results to less time that the patient spends in the dental chair – and more productivity time.
  • The shades available for Nusmile crowns closely match the shades most commonly used for young patients, giving them a naturally brilliant smile.
  • The easy placement procedure of Nusmile crowns also offers less discomfort to the patient, compared to the technique used with the placement of a composite strip crown.
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