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Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is a protein that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and is in itself significantly neurotoxic. However, a number of dental and medical conditions can be treated and improved with the right dosage of the Botulinum toxin, and Botulinum toxin treatments have been proven to be very effective when dealing with the control and management of muscle spasms.

This is Dentistry will give you the information you need about the Botulinum toxin, and how Botulinum toxin treatments can help in certain medical and/or dental treatments in humans. Your search for more information about the Botulinum toxin can start by going through the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, where you will be given access to the contact details of dentists in your local area; these dentists can provide you with more thorough explanations of the practical use of the Botulinum toxin in dental cosmetic procedures.

Botulinum Toxin Treatments

Highly purified and diluted dosages of the Botulinum toxin can be used to treat conditions that are characterized by improper or abnormal muscle movements (or contractions). The Botulinum toxin can be injected directly into the affected muscle to control the abnormal contractions, and can provide a patient with much needed relief. These are just some of the conditions that have been found to respond positively to Botulinum toxin treatments:

  • Dystonia – This is a neuromuscular condition that results to involuntary and abnormal muscle spasms or contractions, and can affect the smooth muscle in the bladder, the neck, face, eyes, voice box or the limbs. Botulinum toxin treatments can help control the unwanted and involuntary muscle spasms, which can lead to more serious medical conditions if left untreated.
  • Cosmetic Concerns – Botulinum  toxin treatments can address cosmetic concerns such as vertical lines that are visible on the side of the nose, crows feet or squint lines on the sides of the eyes, horizontal lines on the forehead, vertical lines between the eyebrows and "turkey neck" (unsightly bands of muscle on the neck area). The Botulinum toxin is injected into the affected area, and will weaken and relax the muscle – which will not be able to move or contract into forming the deep ridges or lines that most people find unattractive, because these are usually associated with aging.
  • Excessive Sweating – Diluted dosages of the Botulinum toxin can address excessive sweating in areas such as the soles of the feet, underarms and the palms of hands. Botulinum toxin treatment is injected directly into the affected areas, and will paralyze the sweat glands that are responsible for the excessive production of sweat.
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