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Teeth Injury

Injuries to teeth can result from any number of reasons, most of which are accidental in nature. A teeth injury is not something to be taken lightly, especially if the incident leads to traumatic injuries to the teeth. Immediate dental (and if needed, medical) attention should be sought after the incident causing the injury takes place.

This is Dentistry gives you the information you need to have so you can effectively deal with teeth injury. The comprehensive list of dentists in the This is Dentistry directory includes the necessary contact information, so you can get in touch with a dentist in your local area for your concerns about injuries to teeth.

Teeth Injuries in Babies and Young Children

When teeth injuries happen to a baby or young child‘s baby teeth, there is no reason to be overly alarmed; this is because the teeth injury involving baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth as the child grows older. However, when the accident that caused the teeth injury involves physical trauma to the face, mouth, jaw or other part of the child’s head, immediate dental and medical attention should be sought; this is to rule out any complications that might result from the trauma that caused the teeth injury in the first place.

A cold compress should be placed on the child’s gums when teeth injury happens, to prevent further swelling and bleeding. If a sharp edge results from the teeth injury, the tooth involved should be filed (preferably by a dentist) to avoid causing any injuries inside the child’s mouth.

First Aid Tips: Teeth Injury Involving Permanent Teeth

Traumatic injuries to the teeth, especially if permanent teeth are involved, should be cautiously dealt with. Here are some first aid tips to remember when dealing with a teeth injury:

  • If the whole tooth has been knocked out, try your best not to touch the root; if you need to handle the knocked out tooth, make sure that you only touch the crown (enamel) part.
  • It is a good idea to re-implant the tooth in its original socket as soon as possible, before you go to your dentist; make sure that the tooth is clean before doing this, to avoid any infections from setting in. You can bite on a clean piece of gauze or cloth while you are waiting to go to your dentist, to hold the knocked out tooth in place.
  • Should there be a broken piece of tooth due to the teeth injury, make sure that you keep that broken piece clean – there is still a possibility that your dentist can re-attach that piece.

It is important to seek immediate dental attention when teeth injuries take place, just to make sure that no other medical and/or dental complications are present. Injuries to teeth can easily be remedied, provided that you act quickly and accordingly given the circumstances that led to the injuries to teeth.


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