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Put a Stop to Snoring Dental Problems

A person with snoring dental problems may face a much bigger problem than having to deal with irritated people who cannot sleep in the same room with them – due to excessive nocturnal noises they emit while they are sleeping. Snoring dental concerns can be properly diagnosed and addressed by a dentist who specializes in snoring and sleep apnea issues; these dentists are experienced in dealing with specific snoring dental problems that may be a symptom of a more complicated medical condition.

This is Dentistry provide you with a comprehensive list of dentists in your area, so you can find a dentist snoring specialist who can help you with your persistent snoring dental problems. The sooner you face the fact that you have a snoring and dental problem, the quicker it will be for your dentist snore expert to give you a proper diagnosis and treatment program.

Causes of Snoring Dental Issues

A person snores when the soft tissues on his upper airways collapse against each other, causing these tissues to vibrate as the person tries to breathe and pass air through them. Snoring can result the combination of the following factors:

  • A large tongue
  • A long soft palate
  • Excess fat deposits in the throat area
  • Large tonsils
  • Incorrect jaw position
  • Nasal passageway obstruction
  • Sleeping on one’s back, causing to the tongue dropping to the back of the mouth

Snoring dental issues can also be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is linked to strokes, high blood pressure and heart failure.

Treatment of Snoring and Dental Problems

There are a number of ways to treat snoring and dental problems; the treatment will depend on the severity of the snoring and dental concerns, and on the dentist’s diagnosis of the symptoms.

  • Dental Appliances – Snoring and dental problems can be treated by mandibular advancement splints, which keep the jaw in a position that is slightly advanced, bringing the tongue slightly forward as well.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine – A device that continuously pumps a controlled air stream through a hose, to a mask that is worn over the patient’s mouse and/or nose. The CPAP machine also ensures that the air passages are kept free and open.
  • Surgery – Surgeries for treating snoring and dental problems are done by removing a small amount of tissues at the back of the patient’s throat, to make the airways bigger. However, there is also a risk of scar tissue forming over the throat area, which could result to the airways becoming even smaller than they previously were.

A dentist snoring specialist will be able to help you get the right treatment for your specific snoring and dental problems. Do not be afraid or ashamed to seek the help you need for your snoring dental issues, because getting in touch with a dentist snore specialist can be the start of living a life that is free from the bothersome snoring noises you make every night.


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Sometimes your problem can cause mouth breathing—this can lead to snoring
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