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Dental Migraine and Headaches

Millions of people from all over the world suffer from migraines on a regular basis; it is interesting to note that some of these persistent headaches are actually dental migraine symptoms, which can be effectively dealt with by consulting a dentist. Not many people realize that the often paralyzing headache they are experiencing is a dental headache – and not a migraine that is triggered by external factors.

This is Dentistry may be able to help you in dealing with a blinding dental migraine, by giving you access to the contact information of a migraine dentist in your local area. The migraine dentist can help you pinpoint the root cause of your dental headache, so you can say goodbye to days of immobility and helplessness in the face of paralyzing migraine dental symptoms.

Migraine Dental Diagnosis & Treatment

If you have done everything there is to ease the symptoms of a migraine, and nothing seems to be working to help ease your discomfort – it is time to explore the possibility that what you have may be a dental migraine. A dental headache may arise from problems concerning the teeth or jaw; this migraine dental symptom is usually left untreated because very few people go to the dentist when they believe that they are suffering from migraines.

A migraine dentist may be able to put a stop to a dental migraine; This is Dentistry will give you the information you need to get in touch with a migraine dentist nearest your place, so you can get relief from the dental headache symptoms you have been suffering from.

The migraine dentist will check your teeth and jaw for any infections or damage that may be causing the dental migraine. The dentist will also check if you have a Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), which affects your jaw joint and can result to a blinding dental headache, and inform you of the treatment program that you will need.

If your dentist believes that you have the tendency to clench or grind your teeth when you sleep, he can suggest that you use a dental device called NTI-tss (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System) to deal with your dental migraine symptoms. The NTI-tss is comfortably and firmly placed over your lower central front teeth, and effectively prevents your molars and canines from coming into contact with one another – even if you clench and grind your teeth while you sleep. The device can do wonders in easing the tension your jaw joint and teeth experience with teeth clenching and grinding, and can signal the start of a life free from dental migraine attacks.


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