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Stay Prepared with a First Aid Dental Kit

A first aid dental kit is as essential as a first aid kit that contains the usual bandages, antiseptic and other emergency aids; a dental first aid kit will be essential for dealing with dental emergencies, especially when professional dental help or attention is not possible at the moment. A first aids dental supplies kit will not only help with the pain or discomfort that a dental emergency is likely to cause – a first aids dental kit can also help in ensuring that no other dental or medical complications can develop from the dental emergency that happened.

This is Dentistry will provide you with the information you need about a first aid dental kit and the supplies that go with it, so you can better prepare yourself and your loved ones for any dental emergencies with a complete and well-stocked dental first aid kit. Your search for more information about first aid dental details can start by browsing through the comprehensive This is Dentistry dentist directory, where you can get the contact details of dentists in your local area – so you do not have to travel very far just to have the information you need about a dental first aid kit.

Preparing your Dental First Aid Kit

A dental first aid kit can be bought in dental supplies stores, and these first aid dental kits already have the necessary supplies to deal with the most common dental emergencies. However, you can just as easily make your own dental first aid kit by buying the supplies you need – which not only brings out your creative side, but may also save you money that can be used elsewhere.

If you want to make or assemble your own dental first aid kit, you will first have to look for a container that is big and sturdy enough to contain all of the first aid dental supplies that you will need. A big box or tin can may be used for this purpose, but any strong container that has enough space for the dental first aid supplies will do as well. You will then have to place a label on the outside of the container announcing that it is indeed your dental first aid kit, so there can be no confusion on anyone’s part what this particular container will be used for.

Here is a list of the first aid dental supplies that you can get to fill your dental first aid kit:

  • Tweezers
  • Dental mirror (you can ask your dentist where to get one)
  • Dental floss
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Soft cotton pellets that are stored inside a zip-locked bag
  • Clove oil, which is a natural pain reliever
  • Soft dental wax, which can be bought from drugstores or from orthodontists
  • Your dental insurance information
  • Your dentist’s contact details


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