Date: April 17, 2014 Richard Jones

Fear of the Dentist: A Scary Reality

You have a fear of the dentist if you feel like you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the mere thought of going for a dental checkup. Fear of dentists is experienced by countless dental patients all over the world; the fear of dentist “encounters” may seem irrational to some, but those who have actually felt the terror are prevented from getting the dental health care they need and deserve.

Dentist fear is not something that can be overcome easily by everyone; however, we at This is Dentistry are hoping to raise a much better awareness of the fear of dentists condition in the hopes of effectively fighting back against this crippling experience. We understand the difficulties of dealing with dentists fear, so we are hoping that knowing more about the fear itself can help you in eventually overcoming that fear of dentists.

Most Common Dentist Fear Concerns

There are a number of specific dentist fears one may experience. We have listed some of the most common aspects of fear that contribute to your fear of dentists, and where those fears may possibly have come from.

  • Fear of the Dentist Himself / Herself – This dentist fear may have come from a previous bad experience with an insensitive or inexperienced dentist. The experience may be so traumatic that it led to the development of a fear of dentists, regardless of who the dentist may be.
  • Fear of Pain – This dentist fear concern may also develop from a previous bad (painful) experience with a dentist. There are also instances when a dental checkup is associated with a painful session – even without any previous experience.
  • Fear of The Drill – People with dentist fear have a difficult time listening to the sound of the drill working – even more so if the drill is working inside their mouths. This fear of dentists and their drills can come from a previous bad experience with the tool; the fear may also develop from listening to others’ bad experiences with the drill.
  • Fear of More Dental Procedures/Treatments – A person with a fear of dentists may be scared of needing even more dental work done after a dental checkup, that he or she will avoid going to the dentist in the first place – for fear of what the dentist’s diagnosis will be.

A fear of dentists should be taken seriously, for it may be the only thing coming between you and your chance to receive better dental health care. Familiarizing yourself with what your specific fears are – and maybe where the specific fear of dentists come from – is half the battle won against the crippling fear of dentists!

 Rotten teeth at 20 – Patient Conquered Hos Fear of the Dentist

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