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Dental HIV Issues

Dental HIV patients need a more specialised form of care from their dentists, as these patients have a weakened immune system that needs to be addressed with HIV and dental care in mind. Dental HIV care is given to patients, who are found to be positive for the HIV virus. If you need HIV dental care, you do not have to be embarrassed or scared to visit your dentist, as advances in the field of dentistry now make it possible for patients with HIV to receive hassle-free dental care.

Dental HIV care is very important because of the compromised state of the HIV patients’ immune system. Given the lower immune system capabilities of a person with HIV and their need for dental care, that patient should seek the help of a dentist as soon as any dental HIV issues arise; this is to prevent additional infections and more serious health problems from progressing even further.

What are the Most Common Dental HIV Issues?

Some of the concerns that persons with HIV and dental issues usually have include:

  • Dental Cavities – HIV patients will often have cavities that need to be checked by their dentist, especially since the medications that HIV dental patients commonly cause a dry mouth syndrome. Dry mouth is a common problem among dental HIV patients and can cause bacteria in the mouth to multiply because of the severe lack of saliva produced – saliva is responsible for washing away bits of food before they can turn into bacteria.
  • Candidiasis or Oral Thrush – HIV patients may also experience thrush or candidiasis, which are red dots or white patches in the mouth, which are caused by bacteria; HIV and dental patients are very susceptible to thrush because of their weakened immune system.
  • Herpes Simplex – Dental HIV patients are very susceptible to this virus with their weak immune systems, and dentists can help ease the pain and discomfort associated with dental problems.
  • Canker Sores – Although these sores can be experienced by anyone, dental HIV patients often exhibit more severe symptoms.

Prevention and Treatment of Dental HIV Concerns

The most important aspect when it comes to dealing with dental HIV concerns is preventive care. As with any other patient proper dental hygiene can play an important part in the daily oral hygiene of those with HIV and is fundamental to prevent dental diseases from starting or worsening. Medications can also be prescribed for dental HIV patients; however, the dentist will have to get the patient’s complete medical history to ensure that none of the HIV medications he or she is taking will interact adversely with other HIV medications.


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