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Straighten Crooked Teeth; Brighten Your Smile!

Not all people are born with natural, perfectly-aligned teeth (although most, if not all, of us wish that was the case!). Crooked teeth are very common, and a lot of smiles seem lopsided because of a crooked tooth here and there. A smile can be made even brighter if crooked teeth become a thing of the past, and everyone can flash nicely-aligned, pearly-white teeth.

It should also be noted that not all problems arising from teeth crooked are superficial in nature. Some of the other problems that people with crooked teeth experience include the following: difficulty in chewing food, challenges in keeping teeth properly cleaned, and straining of teeth, jaw muscles and gums. These problems are the reasons why crooked teeth should be addressed properly by a dentist and/or an orthodontist – before they cause more serious problems to arise in the future.

Crooked Teeth through an Orthodontist’s Eyes

Your dentist will most likely refer you to an orthodontist as soon as your crooked teeth issues are brought up. Orthodontists will be able to help you more effectively with crooked tooth issues, as they specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned jaws and –no surprise here – crooked teeth.

You can expect the orthodontist to get X-Rays of your teeth and jaw, as well as teeth impressions and photographs of your teeth; these are all necessary to determine what type of treatment will be needed to correct your crooked teeth. Do not be surprised if your orthodontist will also take photographs of your face, as he will need to assess the overall relationship between your teeth, face, head and jaws.

Crooked Teeth no More

As soon as your crooked teeth are properly diagnosed by the orthodontist, you will then be presented with the treatment program that will best suit your needs. Listed below are the procedures that may be given as options by your orthodontist to correct crooked tooth problems:

  • Dental Bonding – Used for very minimal teeth crooked, dental bonding is a quick procedure that involves a tooth-bonding material to be applied directly to the crooked teeth; the material is then molded into a shape that will resemble the appearance of straight teeth.
  • Dental Veneers – Used for a crooked tooth that needs more work than a dental bonding procedure can handle. The veneers are very thin shells that are placed over your natural tooth, helping achieve the shape and overall appearance of straight teeth
  • Dental Braces – Used to slowly straighten out crooked teeth, dental braces are connected by glue to teeth, and has wires that can be tightened periodically. These braces can take years to correct crooked teeth, but offer a more permanent solution.
  • Invisalign – Using clear aligners to correct crooked teeth, Invisalign works the same as dental braces but in a shorter amount of time and of course, without the conspicuous metal braces.

Having crooked teeth should not prevent you from living a full life; with the technology available to us now, you have a number of options to choose from in achieving that perfectly-aligned smile you have always wanted.


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