Dental Phobia
Date: December 3, 2012 Richard Jones

Lots of people are scared of visiting the dentist. Many people have their own personal horror story which has driven them away for many years. However this is a big mistake and could have severe consequences on your oral health. Dentists are a vital part in the medical community and it is of paramount importance that you visit them regularly. These medical professionals help to keep your teeth healthy, they help you maintain a beautiful smile and your overall health.

Still not convinced? Having a better knowledge and understanding of the training and qualifications that dentists and dental professionals have may help put you at ease next time you are at the dentists. Dentists and dental professions go through many years of training before becoming qualified, and even after they are qualified they still have ongoing training to ensure the wellbeing of their patients.
The good news for all nervous patients is that since 2002 it was made compulsory for all dentists and in 2008, for all dental professionals to complete their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) qualification. CPD was introduced to ensure that all dental professional keep their knowledge up to date, to encourage the development of new skills in order to benefit the care of patients and most importantly, to give patients confidence in the profession as a whole. Dental CPD training courses include training on health and safety, cross infection control and decontamination.

Now that you are assured of the competence and empathy of dental professionals, if you are very nervous about visiting the dentist, there are several things you should do to try and make your visit less distressing. Before you even visit the dentist, you should take your time choosing the best practitioner. You want someone that is kind and caring, that will meet your needs and will make you feel as relaxed as possible. You need to choose a dentist that is experienced in treating patients with dental phobias. Arrange an initial consultation with them and explain your fears, once they have a better understanding of your fears they can then choose the best way to treat you.

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