Dental Implants Treatment Recovery
Date: March 5, 2013 Richard Jones

Dental implants are ideal solutions to missing teeth problems. Since the implants are embedded directly into the jaw bone, these missing teeth solutions provide greater benefits compared to removable dentures which have a tendency to lose their comfortable fit with long term use. The dental implants not only provide replacements to the teeth that have been lost – they also replace the missing tooth root, which prevents the deterioration of the jaw bone structure.

dental implant recovery

The placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure, which involves the dentist cutting the gum tissue, and then drilling a hole into the jaw bone where the titanium implant will be placed. A traditional dental implant treatment includes a healing period when the implant needs to be given time to integrate fully with the surrounding tissues, before the dental restoration can be attached. Once the teeth restoration has been attached, the dental implant system in place needs to be maintained with good oral hygiene to ensure that it will work efficiently as a missing teeth solution for a long period of time.

Recovery from the surgical dental implant treatment may involve a certain degree of discomfort and swelling, which should be minimal. Minor bruising and bleeding on the site where the implants were attached may also be experienced. These effects during the early stages of the recovery period are addressed with pain medications which will be prescribed by the dentist to ease the pain and discomfort.

The recovery and healing period from the time the dental implant is embedded into the jaw bone can take up to six months (depending on factors for each individual case), in which time the implant will fully integrate with the tissues surrounding it. The teeth restorations, such as dental crowns or dental bridges, can then be attached when the implant has fully healed and integrated with the surrounding tissues. Regular dental checkups are important to ensure that recovery will progress as smoothly as possible, and to make sure that the dental implants are optimally maintained so that brighter smiles can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

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