Dental Implants: The Most Natural Way to Replace Missing Teeth
Date: May 7, 2013 Richard Jones

same day implantsMany adults in the UK are missing one or more teeth either due to trauma or dental disease. In the past methods for replacing teeth included partial or full dentures, or a dental bridge. None of these solutions are perfect and all will have a negative effect on the remaining teeth. In contrast dental implants are the most natural way to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants Replicate Natural Tooth Roots
Dental implants are an excellent way of replacing missing teeth as the implant posts closely replicate natural tooth roots. A natural tooth root extends quite a way into the jawbone helping to hold the tooth securely in place. Every time you bite or chew then these forces are transmitted through the tooth, down the tooth root and into the surrounding jawbone. This provides the jawbone with the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and strong. If you remove the tooth root then the jawbone no longer receives this stimulation and will gradually begin to reabsorb so bone will be lost from the jaw.
The effect of this bone loss can be quite considerable. Anyone who wears full dentures will notice that they will gradually become loose and more difficult to retain due to the bony ridge that used to support the teeth gradually flattening off and reabsorbing. Even if you only lose one or two teeth this bone loss will still affect the adjacent teeth and could eventually cause them to become more unstable. If you wear a partial denture it’s likely to become more ill-fitting over time, and anyone with a dental bridge may notice a gap developing underneath the pontic or replacement tooth as the bone in this area diappears.

Dental Implants Help Keep the Jawbone Healthy
The procedure for having a dental implant involves inserting a titanium post into the jawbone. The post is specially treated to integrate with the bone creating a strong and stable bond in a process called osseointegration. Once the implant has a fully integrated with the bone then you’ll be able to bite and chew in exactly the same way you would with natural teeth. All these biting and chewing forces are transmitted through the implant post into the jawbone, ensuring that it stays healthy and strong.
While dental implants are the healthiest way of replacing missing teeth, they also give the best aesthetic results. It can be very difficult to distinguish between a well-placed dental implant and a natural tooth.
Cedar Dental in Surrey offers a range of high-quality dental services in a welcoming environment. These services include Invisalign braces and dental implants, and their dentists also provide the latest dental implantology techniques including Teeth in a Day, and All-on-4. These techniques enable patients to receive implants and replacement teeth on the same day.

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