Dental Implants for Nervous Patients
Date: September 14, 2012 Richard Jones

Dental anxiety or the fear of dentists can have a significant impact on one’s dental health. A person who experiences extreme fear or anxiety every time a visit to the dentist is scheduled may think of ways not to go through with the actual appointment – just to avoid having to face the anxiety and fears of the dentist, or the necessary dental treatments.

Nervous patients who experience paralysing fear with the idea of a dental checkup may find it almost impossible to consider a dental implants treatment, considering the surgical or more invasive procedure involved. This fear may lead to nervous patients missing out on the benefits of dental implants as missing teeth solutions.

How can nervous patients deal with a dental implants treatment?

  • Finding the right dentist is one of the first steps towards helping nervous patients – not only with a dental implants procedure, but also in getting other dental treatments that they need. A dentist who will really listen and understand the concerns of a patient with dental anxiety can make the experience a more positive one – and can encourage the patient to be open to options in dealing with the dentist fear issue. A thorough explanation of the steps involved in the dental implant treatment can also help in easing the fears of a nervous patient – making him or her more confident to push through with the entire treatment plan.
  • Psychological techniques such as hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or distraction techniques may also be considered for dealing with dental anxiety. These techniques can help nervous patients to relax, identify problem areas that are causing the fears, or take the attention away from the procedure that will be done.
  • Conscious sedation makes use of sedatives to bring a nervous patient to a relaxed state of mind, preparing him or her for the dental implants treatment. Nervous patients are conscious throughout the procedure with the help of conscious sedation – but they will not experience fear or anxiety, and will instead be completely relaxed. Conscious sedation can be administered intravenously, through inhalation, or orally.

Do you think you are a nervous patient? Are you interested in dental implants, but are hesitant about the treatment because of your fears?? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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