Dental Implants for All Teeth Missing
Date: February 10, 2012 Richard Jones

It is very difficult to go through your daily lives with missing teeth – and the challenge is magnified even more when all of your teeth are lost. Just imagine having to smile, speak, or chew food with all of your teeth missing – the tasks will not only be uncomfortable to do, they will become sources of embarrassment as well!

When you have missing teeth, it is very easy to feel that there is nothing else that you can do, or that the only thing you can do is to endure your toothless condition and just train yourself to cover your mouth every time you have to speak or open your mouth. Dental implants can provide you with an effective and long lasting solution to all missing teeth – so you can go through life with the brightest of smiles once more.

Dental Implants: All Teeth Missing Solutions

The loss of all of your teeth can be caused by severe tooth decay that has been left untreated for a long period of time; tooth loss can also be the result of severe gum disease, as a result of the natural ageing process, accidents or injuries, or certain medical conditions. Dentures used to be the only solution considered as replacements for the loss of all teeth. However, the use of dentures for a long period of time can result to numerous problems especially with regards to the fit of the dentures. The dentures have a tendency to lose its comfortable fit with the passage of time, and loose dentures bring about uncomfortable and embarrassing problems to the denture wearer.

Dental implants provide more effective and more stable solutions to missing teeth, since they are embedded directly onto the jaw bone. When all of your teeth have gone missing, the best solution is dentures that are supported and stabilised by dental implants. The dental implants will work in providing a firm anchor where the dentures can be attached to – eliminating the problem of loose dentures that move uncontrollably and uncomfortably inside the mouth. With dental implant supported dentures, you can feel confident once more to flash your brightest smiles – even if you have lost all of your natural teeth.

Are you feeling hopeless because you have lost all of your natural teeth? Do you want to smile and enjoy a better quality of life after being toothless? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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