Dental Care Made More Accessible with Mobile Dentistry
Date: October 18, 2011 Richard Jones

The accessibility of dental health care is one of the main considerations of patients when making the decision of going for a dental checkup (or the necessary dental treatments) or not. There are times when a person will forego a trip to the dentist’s clinic because it is too far away, or is too inaccessible. Now, modern technological advances are making it possible for patients to access the dental health treatments and services they need – through mobile dentistry.

The company Newcodent Limited has launched a self-contained mobile dental unit that can be used for nursing homes, for homecare, dental laboratories, for military services, school dentistry, rural dentistry, prison service, institutions, and even for training in dental universities. The latest model of this mobile dental unit – the MDU 5 – has these features, which are all operated with a foot control: air scaler, an X-ray viewer, a fast handpiece, a three-way syringe with a disposable tip, a straight handpiece or a slow contra-angled handpiece, and an LED curing light.

Mobile dentistry will greatly benefit those who have limited means to go to dentists’ clinics, and will enable even more people to get the proper dental health care they need. The future looks a lot brighter for bringing much better dental health practices to a lot of people – and for bringing more dazzling smiles on each individual’s face.

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