Dental Care during Pregnancy
Date: August 27, 2013 Richard Jones

Pregnancy is one of the most special experiences a woman can have. The idea of nourishing a small bundle of joy inside the body can be surreal, or even magical, to an expectant mother. This is why it is even more important to take care of your health (including your dental health) when you are pregnant – to ensure that both you and your unborn child will enjoy the best of health.

What should you do to take proper care of your dental health during pregnancy? Are there special dental care tips that you need to follow?

dental care pregnancy

Pregnancy Dental Care

  • It is best to inform your dentist that you are pregnant, as soon as you know about it. Dental treatments are generally avoided during your first trimester, as well as during the second part of the third trimester. These are the phases when your baby’s development is critical, and any treatments that can affect your baby’s growth and development should be avoided. You can have general dental care treatment during your second trimester.
  • As much as possible, taking x-rays is avoided when you are pregnant. However, when taking an x-ray is absolutely necessary (such as in dental emergency situations), steps will be made to ensure that you and your baby are kept safe from harmful radiation.
  • Inform your dentist of any changes in your dental health. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy make you more vulnerable to gum disease, which should be checked and treated as soon as possible by your dentist to avoid more serious complications.
  • Go for regular dental checkups, so that your dentist can monitor your oral health and early detection of dental problems can be done.
  • Go for a balanced diet with healthy food items. Do not eat too much of sugary or sweet food, which can hasten the development of tooth decay and gum problems.

You can have free NHS dental care if you are pregnant, or gave birth in the 12 months before the dental treatment starts.

Are you pregnant, and want to enjoy better oral health? What are the things that you do to take care of your dental health, while pregnant? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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