Dealing with Dental Phobia with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Date: September 28, 2011 Richard Jones

Dental phobia is the leading reason why people avoid getting the dental treatments that they need – or avoid even going to the dentist for a dental checkup altogether. For countless individuals worldwide, the idea of going for even a routine dental checkup is so scary and can equate to a very painful experience – even if the reality is far from that idea. Dental sedation and dental hypnosis are used to deal with dentist fear, but a recent study shows that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can also be used to help people overcome their fears of the dentist.

The British Dental Journal recently featured a study about how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or a”talking therapy”) can help people with severe dental phobia (who previously needed dental sedation or dental hypnosis for every dental treatment). Out of the 21 people who went through CBT, 20 individuals went on to have the necessary dental treatment without the need for dental sedation or hypnosis.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is beneficial for those who have dental phobia, and can eliminate potential health risks that are linked to repeatedly being exposed to intravenous sedation. CBT might just be what fearful patients need in order to have better dental health, and can help them go for their dental checkups and treatments without facing a paralysing panic attack.

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