Cosmetic Dentistry for Worn Teeth
Date: January 28, 2013 Richard Jones

Worn teeth problems are experienced with the teeth are subjected to regular and intense pressure, and also when teeth are exposed to food and beverages that have high acidic content. In time, the affected tooth (or teeth) can take on an unnaturally smaller appearance and will look abnormal compared to surrounding teeth. Teeth that are worn down will also have a higher risk of developing dental problems since the protective tooth enamel has thinned and worn away, exposing the more sensitive parts of the teeth.

Worn teeth can cause one’s smile to look unattractive because the affected teeth will look smaller with the passage of time, and the smaller teeth will become even more obvious when compared to the normal sizes of the surrounding teeth (which are not worn down). Tooth decay caused by the wearing down of the tooth enamel can also contribute to the unattractiveness of a smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can effectively address the problem of worn teeth, and can be used to protect the teeth from further damage inflicted by dental problems. A dentist will be able to determine the need for a cosmetic dentistry treatment for teeth that have suffered from unnatural wearing down of the enamel, so that a beautiful smile can once again be enjoyed without worrying about flashing teeth that look unnaturally small and worn down.

A cosmetic dentistry treatment such as the use of dental veneers provides solutions to worn teeth issues. The veneers will be used to fill out the part of the tooth that has been affected by premature wearing down of the tooth enamel; a dental veneer will successfully bring back the normal appearance and size of the tooth, bringing back a natural and beautiful smile without worn teeth problems to worry about.


Are you suffering from worn teeth? Do your teeth look unnaturally small because they are worn down? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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