Cosmetic Dentistry During Ancient Times
Date: August 26, 2011 Richard Jones

The cutting-edge technology used in cosmetic dentistry in present times enable results that are truly amazing, giving patients the complete satisfaction that they are looking for. However, it is interesting to discover that cosmetic dentistry – or at least the foundation of this idea – has been in use since ancient times, when we can only imagine that the cosmetic dental treatments are done in ways that are much simpler than those being used nowadays.

There are no exact documentations regarding the earliest use of cosmetic dentistry practices, but is known that around 700 B.C., dentures made of bone and ivory were used by the Etruscans. During this time, dentures were also made using teeth from animals, extracted from dead people, or bought from live donors. Cosmetic dentistry restorations resembling dental crowns and dental bridges that use gold were done by the Etruscans as well by 200 A.D.

The desire to improve one’s appearance is ingrained deep into our consciousness, and with historical evidence, it seems like this desire has been present even during ancient times. Cosmetic dentistry as we know it today, and those practices present during the ancient times, are the same in one aspect – to improve the appearance of one’s smile, in the best way possible.

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