Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Braces Problems
Date: March 5, 2013 Richard Jones

One of the most popular and most needed cosmetic dentistry treatments is the need for teeth straightening, to address issues of crooked or improperly aligned teeth. Orthodontic dental braces are used not only to address the aesthetic aspect of the crooked teeth problem – treatment using the orthodontic braces can also improve the way the teeth are positioned so that they can be cleaned properly, preventing dental problems such as the onset of tooth decay.

The metal parts of traditional dental braces – the wires and brackets – work to move the teeth into the desired position. However, these parts can also cause some problems, causing pain and discomfort. Mentioned below are some of the most common problems associated with parts of dental braces, and how to deal with them before seeing the dentist or orthodontist for a more lasting solution.

dental braces problems

Broken or Protruding Wire – A wire that gets broken or protrudes can cause pain and discomfort, and may even be the cause for the development of canker sores or mouth ulcers if left unattended. Depending on where the broken orthodontic wire is located, it can be moved to a position that causes less discomfort; a pencil’s eraser end can be used for moving the wire. If the wire is difficult to reposition, orthodontic wax can be used to cover the protruding end. The wire should not be cut as it might accidentally be swallowed or inhaled.

Loose Brackets – A small amount of orthodontic wax can be used to provide a cushion between the loose brackets and the gums, to avoid injuries to the soft tissues. The orthodontic wax will also be able to temporarily reattach the loose brackets, until the time when a visit to the dentist or orthodontist can be made.

Loose or Falling Spacers – Spacers that have become loose or have fallen out will need to be replaced, or repositioned completely.

Loose Bands – The loose bands should be saved so that they can be cemented back into a place by the orthodontist.

Are you having problems with your dental braces? Have you tried any of the tips and solutions mentioned above? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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