Controlled-Release Capsules – the Future Fight Against Gum Disease
Date: September 4, 2012 Richard Jones

Gum disease, especially when not treated during their earliest stages, are some of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults; more serious health problems are also linked to diseases that concern the gums. A new dentistry treatment approach for gum disease has recently been discussed at the American Chemical Society’s 244th National Meeting & Exposition.

The world’s largest scientific society, The American Chemical Society, described a new treatment approach for gum disease. This technology uses biomimetic controlled-release capsules which are filled with a protein that is to be injected in the spaces (or pockets) between the gums and the teeth. The space where the controlled-release capsules will be placed is the location where harmful bacteria usually breed, and where inflammation is normally experienced. The controlled-release feature enables the capsules to dissolve over time, so that they can release the protein with the passage of time.

The release of the protein from the controlled-release capsules will guide immune cells to the affected area to effectively reduce inflammation. The protein will also be able to produce an environment that effectively fights gum disease, and will aid in the promotion of gum tissue re-growth.

Research results from the University of Pittsburgh’s laboratory experiments with mice – as the actual experiments are still in their early stages, and cannot be done yet with human patients – show that the controlled-release capsules promote gum tissue healing and re-growth, especially with damage resulting from periodontal disease.

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