Can Cosmetic Dentistry through Dental Veneers Improve my Smile?
Date: October 31, 2012 Richard Jones

The appearance of your teeth can have a huge impact on how your overall smile looks like. Even the smallest flaws on your teeth can be seen when you smile – especially if the affected tooth (or teeth) is located in an area that is readily visible when you smile, or when you open your mouth. Cosmetic dentistry through the use of veneers can help you improve the appearance of your teeth, so that you can achieve the smiles you have always wanted.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are custom-made shells that are made from porcelain; these cosmetic dentistry dental veneers are created to very closely resemble the appearance of your natural teeth. The dental veneers are placed on top of the affected tooth (or teeth) to provide cosmetic improvement, so that the appearance of your smile is greatly improved – and so that any imperfections on the tooth are covered and remedied. Dental veneers can also provide additional protection and repair for teeth that have been decayed, to prevent the dental problem from further worsening.

Issues Improved with Dental Veneers

Spaces Between Teeth – Gaps or spaces between teeth can make your smile look incomplete; these unsightly gaps can also make your smile look unhealthy. Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as the use of dental veneers can help close the unattractive gaps, so your smile looks much healthier.

Damaged Teeth – Teeth that have been damaged due to tooth decay can be improved with the use of dental veneers; these cosmetic dentistry veneers can also be used to improve the form and function of teeth that have been chipped or broken.

Stains or Discolourations – Stained or discoloured teeth can easily make your smiles look unattractive. Dental veneers can be used as cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the appearance of discoloured or stained teeth – especially in cases when teeth whitening treatments have not successfully removed the unsightly stains.

Misshapen or Crooked Teeth – Teeth that are crooked or are badly shaped can be improved with a cosmetic dentistry dental veneer treatment. The dental veneers can improve not only the appearance of the affected teeth, but the function of these teeth as well.

Do you want to improve the appearance of your smile? Are you interested in dental veneers as a cosmetic dentistry treatment option? Please LEAVE A REPLY below, and share your experiences and comments with us!

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