Bad Breath Detector on the iPhone?
Date: October 31, 2012 Richard Jones

The presence of bad breath is something that people would want to keep a secret. People go to great lengths to conceal the fact if they have bad breath; others do anything to treat this condition, which could lead to embarrassment on a regular basis.

Check out this funny video about a “bad breath detector” application on the iPhone, and look at the reactions of the people who used it on the hilarious comments the “detector” makes after the participants breathe onto it.

If you are interested on a REAL bad breath halitosis detector, the Halimeter is the one to turn to. It is a standard clinical instrument that is internationally recognized to help in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic halitosis or bad breath. The Halimeter would help dentists in forming the proper treatment plan for patients with halitosis or bad breath, which would benefit patients who have been suffering from this condition.

So, are you ready for a bad breath detector? You might be surprised with the results – but the results would most likely help you get or maintain good oral health that would benefit you for a long period of time.

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